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Brisbane Satellite Event: The Great Divide; feminist art practice across generations and geography

This is a Women’s Art Register event being held in Melbourne with a digital hook up to New York. Queensland College of Art will join this event digitally.

The Women’s Art Register (Melbourne) and (RE)Present (New York) connect in an Intergenerational dialogue and a collaborative feminist zine. A live, interactive session will address the need to communicate more broadly with each other about our different ages and experience as feminists and artists. Although we share aspects of a common feminist history, we want to explore the ways our distance (both generationally and geographically) inflects our culture, our politics and our art-making. Join Vanessa Godden, Tassia Joannides, Juliette Peers and Caroline Phillips from the Women’s Art Register (MEL), in conversation with Nancy Azara, Emily Harris and Rachel Steinberg from (RE)Present (NYC). This program is part of MEL&NYC, supported by the Victorian Government.